Monday, August 13, 2012

Adding Blue to Washington, D.C.

Several years ago, my girlfriend and I were circling Washington, D.C.  We had missed our turn but didn't realize it until much later.  So we found ourselves on the loop, late at night, completing a full circle around our nation's capital, with nothing to show for it.

Well, almost nothing.

My brainstorm came as I saw all the taillights and headlights of hundreds of other drivers.  Oncoming traffic (on the other side of a concrete divider) was made up of many, many white headlights.  In our half of the highway was an equal number of red taillights.  Something was missing.

In this, our nation's capital, I felt the creative stirrings of a patriotic nature.  Why not put blue lights on the concrete divider?  No matter which direction you drove around D.C., you'd always see red, white, and blue.

Besides patriotism, this idea is cost-effective.  For the price of one color, you get all three!  My brother Charlie took it one step further: if they were bright blue reflectors instead of lights, you wouldn't even have to use electricity.

So write your Congressman or Congresswoman!  Tell them you want our capital to reflect the colors of our nation's flag.  And for one-third the price.

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