Friday, August 17, 2012

Book Juggling

Have you ever borrowed something - a book, movie, nice outfit - and really talked it up to another person who then asks to borrow this thing from you?  It's very uncomfortable for the original borrower to even consider a double borrow, much less do it.  After all, the person doesn't *own* the thing.

However, there is one item which should be easy to borrow from another individual: the library book.  If two people are both card-carrying members from the same library or library system, there's no reason why one person couldn't borrow a book from another, thus cutting out the library.

Just today, I let a roommate borrow a book that I had checked out.  Sure, I could've said no, but we live in the same house.  Plus, he had just let me borrow his stack of Neil Gaiman comic books.  So I found myself handing over a book that only I am accountable for, as far as the library is concerned.

I wouldn't have had to worry at all if I had done a little book juggling.  It saves time and money and hassle.  Shouldn't this be an option?

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