Sunday, August 12, 2012


As I walked around this morning, there must have been half a dozen dogowners walking a single dog.  I was no different.  The dog walk is a wonderful thing, a time for the master and animal to bond.  But I thought it was a bit much in the moment, that there was some little improvement that could be made.

And so there is: dogpooling.  I used to carpool with my neighbors; my dad got the mornings, and my neighbor's mom got the afternoons from school.  Why aren't more dog owners doing the same thing?

This is an easy one.  Find someone pinched for time but on opposite schedules as you.  Post on Craigslist or simply put up a few fliers around the neighborhood.  Offer to do a dogwalking trade for a few days as a trial run.  It certainly couldn't hurt.

The two dogs (for the moment in this perfect example, there are just two) get a little socialization, they get to poop, they get a break from you and you from them, and they still get their normal exercise.  If your neighbor's dog doesn't get along with yours, find another who will.  This simplification of the day-to-day hubbub has the potential to make everyone's day a little easier.

I'll give this a try and get back to you.  It might just turn into a dog-walking gig, which isn't a terrible thing, but for the moment, I'm hoping for something more.  Woof!

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